n its infancy, South Lake Union Friends and Neighbors (SLUFAN) was a steering committee for the work of the Mercer Portal Beautification Project. Over the years, this committee grew into a full-fledged organization with non-profit 501(c)3 status (application pending).

After successfully establishing the Mercer Portal Beautification Project, SLUFAN will focus on other South Lake Union projects and activities. We’ll help implement the plans developed by the South Lake Union Planning Organization. Our organization hopes to inspire other neighborhoods and communities to make their communities nicer places to live by sharing our accomplishments and models with other neighborhood committees.

In December 2002, SLUFAN merged with SLUPCOM, the South Lake Union Planning Organization, and adopted new bylaws and new structures.

SLUFAN’s mission is driven by an open and inclusive philosophy. A steering committee that represents the broad interests of our neighborhood provides community leadership and stewardship.